Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Disney Driven Life Honor

I was so excited to be contacted about being a Disney Driven Life Blogger of the Month! I have blogged for the site for a year and a half and have loved every minute it! Thank you to JL who runs the site and to Connie, who contacted me and wrote the article. Click here to read the Blogger of the Month article. 

Weekly DDL Post

This week on the Disney Driven Life, I am describing a Fantasy....well, of course I am talking about the Disney Fantasy! The newest ship coming from Disney Cruise Line has some great new features and I tell you all about them on my article, so check it out!

Counting to the Magic: 48 Days

What am I looking forward to today? I am looking forward to playing mini golf! But not just any mini golf, Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf, a course I haven't played in 6 years! Chris better watch out, it's game on! Here are a few pictures from when my family and I were there in 2005

My sis trying to avoid the water

He eats your ball!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Tip for Today: Walking Straight in Magic Kingdom

Today on Cosmic Reid's All Request Cafe, I give a tip about how to make the most out of the morning in Magic Kingdom, especially when you have little ones!

After Rope Drop in Magic Kingdom, a majority of the crowd goes left or right, towards the large attractions.  I say, be different and go straight! Not only do you get to walk through the castle, which is not available later on during the day when there are shows going on, but you also go to Fantasyland where there are minimal crowds this time of day.  When my family and I went, we walked onto Peter Pan and had a small, 5 minute wait for Dumbo! It really is a great time saver!

Here are some pictures that I took when we took this route on our last trip:

Counting to the Magic: 49 Days

Today, what I am most looking forward to is kinda similar to what I am looking forward to every day, seeing Chris again! Today is 50 days until Chris comes to Disney, as he is leaving the day after us since he is not driving, but flying down.  After our first Disney vacation together last June, I can't imagine having a trip to a Disney park without him!  He is what really brings out the magic for me!

Here are a few pics from when Chris and I were in Florida last June!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Counting to the Magic: 50 Days

Today is 50 days until my family and I begin our trip down to Florida for a week and a half in the most magical place on Earth!  For the next 50 days, I am going to write a post daily telling you how many days until we are there, what I am looking forward to and I will have pictures or videos or something related to it for you to see.

Today, What I am looking forward to is staying at Wilderness Lodge. This is all of our first time staying at Wilderness Lodge and from our brief walk-through in August, I just know we are going to love it here! Here are some pictures from our August Walk-Through of Wilderness Lodge

Walking from the Bus Stop

So relaxing looking...
Love this Fireplace!

Great Boardwalk to Walk on

The Geyser

Discovery Island

One more Gorgeous Shot of this hotel...
Check back tomorrow to see what I am looking forward to Tomorrow!