Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mickey Mouse Band-Aids

Everyone gets those little cuts and scrapes in life, so why not cover those up in style, Disney style!

Johnson and Johnson’s BAND-AID brand makes the coolest Band-Aids with Mickey Mouse pictures on them. Not only do they look cool, they work quite well, just as you would expect from BAND-AID. I had one on for an entire day at work and it survived through several hand washings, writing with chalk, and other teacher duties.
They come in two sizes in the box, 5/8 inch by 2 ¼ inch and ¾ inch by 3 inch. There is a warning on the wrappers about Latex being used, so if you or anyone in your family has a latex allergy, I would avoid these Band-Aids.

As if Band-Aids with Mickey weren’t cool enough, the collector’s edition container that they come in makes it even more awesome! It’s a tin that is about 4 inches tall, 2 inches wide and an inch deep. It is not the sturdiest container in the world as I could bend it with my fingers when it was open, but it is very cute and could be used to hold little candies or gum or even just be used as a display item by us Disney collectors.

I have found the tins selling on for about $8 but I have also seen them sold in Target stores, so if you are interested in this unique set of Band-Aids, check those stores.