About Me!

Time for a revision to this ABOUT ME page.......

Well, when I first started this blog in 2009, I was a College student, studying Elementary/Special Education and Music in Pennsylvania and had a love for all things Disney. Loved history, playing the flute and saxophone, reading, cooking and writing. I worked for Celebrations Magazine on Social Media things and worked on this blog. 

Fast forward almost 5 years (Yikes!!) and if you had told me where I would be today, I would have laughed flat out in your face!!!!

So, where am I?

After a year of teaching that showed me that teaching is what I love to do, but the setting I was in was not the place to be, I packed up all my worldly goods (which if you ask my boyfriend, I have "Too much stuff") and with the help of my friends and family, traveled nearly 1000 miles to fulfill my dream of living in Florida. Why you ask? Because when starting life over, why not a change of scenery to clear the mind and bring new focus to life.

Oh....and there's the fact that I am twenty minutes from the place "Where Dreams Come True"!! Not like that factored into my move or anything.....

And did I mention that not only am I twenty minutes from Walt Disney World, but I actually pass under that amazing archway every single day on my way into work? Yes, that is a thing.

So my current situation, I am a Concierge and YES Program Facilitator for Walt Disney World. I get to spend my work day either teaching children in Disney or assisting guests and teaching people about Disney.  Yes, in case you were wondering, I do love my job! I do also continue to support and work with Celebrations Magazine, which has celebrated a strong five years in the Magazine business and continues to grow. 

I am also living in an apartment right now, enjoying the homemaker life of cooking and cleaning for oneself. (And yes, believe it or not, I do enjoy that!) I have gone on some adventures with my wonderful boyfriend and have spent the last year getting to slowly know the Central Florida area. I am working on getting myself back into reading and writing and all those things I loved to do before life started. 

What will this year bring? Well hopefully I will make some career goals and meet my ultimate goal, which is to purchase a house. I am also hoping to get back to writing as it was a huge motivator for me in years past and I hope it will continue to be. 

Adventure is Out There!!