Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Honors Class Topic Seaching...

Ok, so I need some help from you guys and gals. I am in the Honors Program at my university, which requires me to write a research paper on any topic of my choosing. Right now, I have 6 topics that I am looking at, which are listed below. What I need from you awesome people is to tell me which one of these topics you would be most interested in hearing a lecture about or learning about (The goal of the program is to get lecture and publishing experience). If you guys could tell me which of these topics you find interesting, I would really appreiciate it!

1- Wild Children (view www.feralchildren.com for an idea of what I mean)
2- Sevants Syndrome
3- Rheumatoid Arthritis/JRA
4- George Washington's Culper Gang and the development of the Spy Systems of Today
5- Helen Keller and the development of deaf and blind language
6- Francis Marion and the similarites and differences between history and "The Patriot"(Would probably include a brief analysis of the movie "The Patriot" along with a plot summary)

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Sister, The Artist

So, my 16 year old sister is one of the best young artists that I know...and I am not just saying that because she is my sister, she really is great! She loves to draw copies of pictures that she has, especially characters. I told her I wanted to put a little section about her art on my blog and she said that she could draw some pictures for me to stick up here!

This is her first official blog drawing! It is a picture of Wall-e that I found on the internet and gave her to draw.
This is the Original Picture, found on the web:
This is the picture drawn by my Sister, Emily!

Pretty Good, huh? Just thought I would share that with you guys! She is going to work on a few more for my blog, so you will be seeing more of her for sure!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Immigrant Swearing In at WDW

On July 3rd, over 1000 immigrants from around the world will become United States citizens just in time to celebrate the Fourth of July with us! This is a semi-regular occurrence in our country, but this one is extra special. Why? Because their ceremony is taking place on Main Street, USA in Walt Disney World, Florida! All of the future citizens will gather on Main Street and give their oath in front of the officials, Disney guests and Cinderella's Castle. After all of that excitement, they also get another special surprise! The newly sworn-in citizens will get a special preview of the New and Improved Hall of Presidents, which is scheduled to reopen after a long refurbishment period on July 4th.

I have recently had a friend and teacher of mine become a United States citizen and the excitement of the ceremony itself was almost too much for her. I cannot imagine the thrill that must come with not only becoming a citizen but at the Happiest Place on Earth!

For more information on the swearing in ceremony and the newly refurbished Hall of Presidents, visit The WDW News Today page by clicking here.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Today was a busy day at my house! The day was spent watching my 9 year old little friend, Shannon (if you are friends with me on Twitter, you have seen some pics of me watching her before). We went swimming and watched a movie and drew pictures and went for a walk in the park. She's a very active girl!

Not an hour after my little girl friend leaving, we get my 4 year old and 18 month old cousins, Steven and Ryan. They are two very active boys! I am sure there will be many stories on here about them. We are watching them for the next couple days. Tonight, we watched a Disney Sing-a-long (gotta teach them right!), ate dinner, got their baths (which, with a 4 yr and 18 month old, makes you feel like you are in the splash zone at Sea World!) and now they are finally winding down and getting ready for bed. Steven is sleeping downstairs with my old sleeping bag camping out!

Here are some pictures from the nature walk we took with Shannon earlier:
Shannon found a frog while we were walking today!She also found a "budderfwy"

A couple shots of the nature of the walk: I love scenery pictures...

Shannon drew a picture of our little hike when we got home

Soon I will put up some pictures of my cousins, I have OH so many of them!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

In Memory...

I just thought I would put in a small word about the deaths that we all have experienced in the last few days. Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson were all staples of the entertainment world and will all be missed dearly. Although I did not live through the major part of these iconic figures careers, I still remember watching highlights of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, reruns of Charlies Angels and, be honest now, who can go though life without watching and attempting to do the Thriller dance? These three stars will shine brightly in the history of entertainment for all time. I pray for the families of these three icons and that they themselves may rest in peace.

Who the heck am I?!

So, if you have read up to here and have stuck with me so far, you must have found something I said interesting. I figure its only fair for you to know some things about myself.

As I said before, I am a 20 year old college student. I am a junior at Neumann University (Formerly Neumann College, we got our University status in May!). My major is Elementary Education with a Special Education Certification and I am minoring in Music.

Music is one of my big passions. I've been playing flute for 14 years, piccolo for 5, baritone saxophone for 8 months and alto sax for 6 months. I've played a little piano, but nothing huge, I'm trying to teach myself. I've done some singing in musicals and in a couple choirs, but it is not my big thing. Music is a huge part of my life and you can guarantee that I'll be talking about it often, especially the music program that I am working on for a nearby elementary school. That's a story for another blog post though.

I live with my Mom, Dad and little sister Emily...ok, so she's not that little anymore. She's 16 and a good couple inches taller than me. I keep telling her though, I don't care how tall she gets, she's still my baby sister.

Another thing you will notice about me, I love pictures. This blog will be filled with pictures from trips to family and friends. Pictures are not only with 1000 words to me, they are the portal to treasured memories. Looking at pictures of past vacations helps me relive the fun that I had and always is able to put a smile on my face. Plus, I feel visuals help get points across or make them stand out. So, if you don't like pictures, this is not the blog for you!.....should have had that in my warning......oh well.....moving on...

I am a big sports fan! Been so for about 7 years now. I love Football (Fly Eagles Fly!), Baseball (Phillies and Blue Rocks) and Hockey (Flyers and Phantoms). Yes, I am a huge Philly fan. That's what happens when you grow up 20 minutes from the city. Feel free to send team bashing comments, I'm expecting them. I also play Fantasy Football. Played my first season last year on the College Radio station team and came in first place! Needless to say, the boys in the station were not very happy with my good fortune.

So that's just some information on me and my life. If you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to ask!

What is this stinking Blog all about???

From the title of this blog page,The True Disney Fan, you probably guess that a lot of what will be on this page is related to Disney. I am a huge fan of Disney, especially Walt Disney World! (I have actually just been recently named Neurotic Disney Individual (NDI) #21 on http://thedisneydrivenlife.com/, check out this site for more information) Disney is very dear to my heart because of the magic it brings to the realities of life. The extreme detail that goes into every bit of magic is what sets Disney apart from all other parks of its nature and what memorizes the young and young at heart! So yes, a lot of what I blog about will be Disney, from the goings on in the Disney world to my own personal experiences with the Company.

This will not be my only entries though. If you readers are taking the time to look at this page, I feel that it is my duty as the writer to share some of myself with you all, so there will be posts about my life and what I am up to and how life is overall. I also plan on sharing any interesting story I come across, whether Disney related or not.

My Twitter friend, DisneyFrankness, gave me some advice. He said "I had always heard the main rule in writing is make the subject something you are passionate about" and that is exactly what I intend to do. If something strikes me, good or bad, I will write about it because if it struck me, I am sure it will someone else as well and it should be shared.

Welcome, Why and Warning

Howdy Folks!
Salaam and Good Evening to you worthy friend!
Hello and Welcome...Welcome to our show!

Well, I guess its really not a show...its not even "our show". Its just little ol'
me, Lady Aurora Yensid, and this is my blog.

e been thinking about writing one of these for a while and finally decided to go through with it. My original thought about starting a blog was "who on earth would read it?" I mean honestly, I'm a 20 year old college student who loves music and Disney. I don't go to Disney World often enough to update on the parks a lot like some other sites I love to go to do, so I wouldn't be much good at that. But, after talking with some of my friends on Twitter (Thank you tikiroommorning, zannaland, NDM_1 and DisneyFrankness), I started thinking. Asking "why" is the wrong question. The question should be "why not?" Having a blog would be something fun to do, could help me with my creative writing and if there are people out there who find what I write interesting, then I'm glad for it. And if no one likes it, then it was fun for me and that's all that matters!

So to all of you readers out there, here is my fair warning:
I am doing this blog for the sheer fun of it. Everything that I write here is because I found it funny, interesting, stupid, ridiculous or just outright crazy! If you do not feel this way about my writings, feel free to tell me so, I will hold everyone's opinion in the highest regard, but this does not mean my own will change.
You have been warned!