Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekly DDL Post

This week on the Disney Driven Life, my article gives some information on the upcoming event in Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Weekends. Preparing for my June trip as well, I go into detail about who and what is expected during the weekends of the event. To check out the article, click here.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Power Your Vacation Sweepstakes!

Earlier this year, I showed you the brand new Rayovac battery commercial that took place in Disneyland. Quite cute about a little girl who got a magic wand and was changing things in the park all over the place! It looks like this commercial was only the beginning.

Starting this week and lasting through the end of July, you can go to and enter to win a 5 day/4 night vacation for 4 persons to either the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida or the Disneyland Resort in California! All you have to do is enter your information on the page to enter. There is also an optional response that says: "If you had Molly's Magic Wand, how would you make your dreams come true on a Disney Parks celebration vacation from Rayovac?" They say this is an optional question to respond to and you only have 120 character to respond, which shouldn't be too hard for you Twitter people out there.

You must be 18 years old or older to enter and the sweepstakes is only open to those people in the United States. (Sorry all my out-of-country friends!)

Grand Prize is the 5 day/4 night stay in Walt Disney World or Disneyland for 4 people. Included in the cost is the round trip airfare, ground transportation between the airport, standard accommodations, theme park tickets, Disney Gift card of $250, and a "Magic Wand" gift basket. Blackout dates and rules apply of course, you can check all of that out on the contest website at

First Prize is a lifetime supply of Rayovac Batteries. There are 25 second place prizes and that is a $50 Disney Gift Card.

Seems like a pretty cool contest! There is only one entry per person and you have until 11:59pm (CT) on July 31st to enter! Good Luck Everyone!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly DDL Post

This week on the Disney Driven Life, I talk about the potential for a new pavilion in World Showcase! Have you heard about this yet? Check it out at The Disney Driven Life!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Concert with a Disney Flair!

Ok everyone, it is officially shameless plug time! (not that a blog isn't a shameless plug device to begin with)

Tomorrow at 8pm EDT, the Neumann University Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble will be performing for everyone to watch, including YOU! That's right, the concert will be streamed LIVE online at! Just go to that page and click on Neumann Live, it should be up on there, running live! (If it is not, there may be technical difficulties and I apologize in advance)

So, why should you watch this concert at my university? Well...I am in it!....Yea, I know, so what? Well, here is the real reason - We are playing a Disney Medley! That's right, the 3rd song in the concert, the last one played by the Wind Ensemble is filled with Disney songs! I am very curious as to who can name them all! There are quite a lot! So I post this challenge to you - Name all of the Disney songs in the Medley played! Just leave a comment under this post or send me an email with all of the songs you got! I will post after the concert all of the songs played so you can see if you were right.

And, if you are curious, I will be the flute/piccolo player in the center of the flute section during wind ensemble and in Jazz band.....just look for the little girl playing the BIG saxophone! ;)

Health Update

Just thought I would give a brief health update since I had a Rheumatologist appointment today.

According to my doc, I am doing very well, the Enbrel is working well, she has filled a perscription for a year and everything looks like its going good! I am so glad! She even told me a few exercises that I can do without causing too much impact, so I think I am set to go for the summer! The only bad thing I found out today was that eventually I may develop osteoarthritis, but that will be a while away and as long as I take care of myself like I have been doing, I will be fine for a long time!

So glad things are finally looking good on the health front! :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekly DDL Post

This week on the Disney Driven Life, I go over some of the recent closures and closures to come throughout the Walt Disney World property! Check it out at

Saturday, April 10, 2010

June Trip Changes

Yes indeed, there have been some exciting additions to Chris' and my vacation in June!! What are they exactly?? Well, you will have to visit our joint site for yourself and find out! It is only a click away, at!

DVC Webcast convincing me yet again!

As I have mentioned before on this blog, I am very interested in the Disney Vacation Club, learning as much as I can about it so that I may purchase in the future! Where I get a lot of my information is from DVC Webcasts.

Last Tuesday, I viewed another one of the great webcasts called "Disney Traveler". It was presented by the DVC and was advertised to teach us about the DVC program and to give some info on what is going on in the parks.

As I waited for the show to begin, Disney jazz music and pictures from Disney flashed on the webcast screen. When the show began, our host, Mary, talked about how vacations were used a lot to celebrate milestones. She also mentioned about how a Disney vacation always feels so rushed because you want to fit everything in, but with a DVC purchase, you will be able to relax on your trips because you know you will be coming back again and again.

Another host talked with an Imagineer about the Fantasyland Expansion. He talked a lot about the plans, nothing new except for one thing I did not realize; in Belle's Cottage, you will walk through a mirror to get to Beast's castle. I thought that was pretty cool. He also mentioned that the Little Mermaid attraction coming to Fantasyland was also going to be in California Adventure. Opening is still predicted for Fall of 2012.

The webcast then interviewed some people about their DVC experience and talked about the international trips you can take with DVC. I must admit that I like that you can use your points to go anywhere! They then went into detail about DVC, including prices and the point system.

I was very excited that one room that they showed us was a 2 bedroom at Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas! In just 2 months, Chris and I will be there! *pauses while calming down from excitement* Anyway, one new thing I learned about DVC was that you could send a grocery list to the DVC and they will shop for you and deliver the food to your room for a $6 delivery charge plus the cost of your groceries.

At the end, they discussed the Disney Cruise Line, how the points can be used there, and even showed concept art for the new ship, Disney Dream. They showed the AquaDuck ride through!

The total webcast lasted 45 minutes and was quite entertaining as well as informative. You learned a lot about DVC and, if I wasn't a poor college student, I would have bought that night!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know that, due to some technical difficulties on my end (i.e. my motor frying in my laptop) there might be some delays with posts coming these next couple weeks, but I can assure you that they will be coming!

Thanks for your patience and for reading and enjoying my site!

Weekly DDL Post

This week on the Disney Driven Life, I give a lot of information on the tragic bus accident last week in Walt Disney World as well as some history into accidents on the property. Check this out and all of the other great post on the Disney Driven Life!

Link to my article is Here.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

The True Disney Fan would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter! I hope the Easter Bunny brought some great stuff for you! Enjoy this great day with family and friends!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tragedy Yet Again

Early this afternoon at the Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground, a 9 year old boy from St. Petersburg was killed when he rode his bike into the side of a Walt Disney World Bus. When he hit the bus, it pulled him under, causing him and his bike to be ran over by the back tire of the bus. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

It has not yet been confirmed who is responsible for the death. More information will be available as the investigation continues.

Read about the tragic accident in the Orlando Sentinel.

The True Disney Fan would like to send our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the young boy.