Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Student Teaching Shenanigans: 2 Hour Delays = Waste of Time!

My first little post about my student teaching! It is going well so far, I know all of my students names already and have even come up with some of the nicknames that I will call them when I write about them.  I have already taught a little bit, doing some simple worksheets with them and playing a bingo game.

I wanted to write a little post today because today was my first experience on the teacher's side of a 2 hour delay due to weather.  What I discovered: It is just as FRUSTRATING as it is on the student's side, if not moreso! We only had a little over half the class today, 15 instead of 23, not that we can really complain, there was a teacher that only had 5! Missing so many kids, it was pointless to begin a new lesson with them because we would just have to reteach it tomorrow to the other students. So instead, we gave worksheets to do that went over some of the concepts they have had difficulty on as a class, such as time and money.  We also played a sight words bingo game. Really, what else could we have done with a class this size??

Even if we did have a majority of our students today, we wouldn't have had time to do any real work! The kids came in around 10:20.  Once they were settled and working on their morning work, it was time for them to go recess, at 11:05! After that came lunch and then we had about an hour and a half, maybe a little less for us to try some kind of constructive work before they had their special. Once they came back from that, there was 20 minutes before they had to be packed up and ready to go home.  This day flew by!! It was insane and I really hope that we do not have another day like this.

A positive from today: I got two really good 1 liners to close this post out with!

This was a conversation between my co-op and a student about another student.

Student: "*other student* isn't coming to school today"
Co-op: "Why?"
Student: "Because."
Co-op: "Um...Because Why?"
Student: "Because it snowed."
Co-op: "That makes no sense, you live right next door to him and you came!"

And my second one liner:
 "I didn't do my homework because my mom thought we weren't going to have school today"

Ah the joys of teaching!

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