Sunday, April 8, 2012

Introducing Twitterscursions!

This is an idea I wanted to do for a while and now finally have the resources to do it!

A Twitterscursion (Twitter Excursion) is going to be a trip to the parks planned entirely by what is tweeted/messaged in to me. I wanted to bring as much of the Disney parks as I can back to the people who are home and are not able to be there, so I thought this would be a great way to do it! Just another way to spread the Disney magic!

I will name the park I am going to that day and what I do that day will be entirely dictated by what the people of Twitter would like to see. I will take pictures, video tape and even Ustream what I do that day, to the extent of what technology will allow me to do (aka, chances are I will not be able to broadcast from inside Pirates, but I will sure try!).

For my first ever Twitterscursion, I will be heading to Magic Kingdom. I mean, where else would be a good place to try something like this out than the first park?? This Tuesday (April 10th) I fly in to WDW and will get to the Magic Kingdom around 12 EDT. I will probably be hungry, so I need suggestions on where you would like your "food porn" from. After that, its all you! What attractions and shows would you like to see? What pictures do you want me to take? You can send me suggestions in advance and I will save them in a list to make sure I take them. You can send them to me that day and I will get to as many as I possibly can.

If this goes well, I will try to another Twitterscursion before I come back on Sunday.  Stand by on my twitter ( for all of the information.

If you are in the park and want to join me on this Twitterscursion, let me know! Just be prepared, I am not planning this adventure, our friends at home are!


  1. Oh my! Sounds like great fun!

  2. *Ahem* and what day is MGM/DHS?! ;-) lol