Thursday, February 18, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Game Preview

The awesome people at Disney Interactive have contacted me again with some sneak peeks for all of you great readers! The sneak peeks this time: Screen Shots and Video from the upcoming Nintendo Wii and DS game, Alice in Wonderland! Set to debut in stores on March 2nd, just days before the Tim Burton movie comes to theaters, this game will put you right in the action as Alice travels back to Wonderland and fights her way to defeating the Red Queen!

Here are some pictures from the DS version of the game:
These next few pictures are screen shots from the Wii version of the Alice:

And, just to top it all off- Preview Videos for both games!!

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of the upcoming Alice in Wonderland Video Game! Thank you to Disney Interactive Studios for sending me this great info to share and don't forget to check out the Wii and DS games, coming out on March 2nd, and of course Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland in theaters March 5th.


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