Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Disney Costumes Done Right

This past Halloween, I had posted some pictures from when I was younger and the costumes that I had dressed up in. Though I do not go out trick-or-treating anymore, I still enjoy dressing up, just for the fun of it. As I've gotten older, I usually dress up as a witch because I have a costume like that readily available (and no smart alecks, this is not because it is my every day attire). There is one costume that I have always wanted though, wanting to keep with the scary Halloween theme and also wanting to give a touch of Disney magic. My dream costume: Maleficent! I have looked at them before, but had been turned away by the price of adult costumes....that is until I looked on

First off, the website it very easy to navigate, with all of the specific tabs on the side of the page, including links for specific character costumes. When I clicked on Adult Disney Costumes and saw the prices, I was pleasantly surprised by the value and variety of available costumes. I looked down the page at all of the costumes and was so excited to see a Maleficent costume among them. After checking out the site a little more, I decided that this costume was the way to go. I gave them my information and waited anxiously!

I did not have to wait long! The costume was at my door in about 3 business days from ordering! It came in a costume bag, like one you would get in a costume store. The costume is very well put together and, besides minor bends in the "Maleficent Horns" caused by shipping, the costume arrived in excellent condition! (The bends in the horns were easily fixed after sitting under some heavy books a little while!) (Also, that picture of the costume is NOT me, you will have to wait til Halloween to see it!)

I was very pleased with the service and quick response I received from everyone at I was very impressed with their variety and, for all my International friends, they ship to over 200 countries! If you are looking for a Disney costume for yourself or your children, I really think that is the way to go!

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