Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Concert with a Disney Flair!

Ok everyone, it is officially shameless plug time! (not that a blog isn't a shameless plug device to begin with)

Tomorrow at 8pm EDT, the Neumann University Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble will be performing for everyone to watch, including YOU! That's right, the concert will be streamed LIVE online at! Just go to that page and click on Neumann Live, it should be up on there, running live! (If it is not, there may be technical difficulties and I apologize in advance)

So, why should you watch this concert at my university? Well...I am in it!....Yea, I know, so what? Well, here is the real reason - We are playing a Disney Medley! That's right, the 3rd song in the concert, the last one played by the Wind Ensemble is filled with Disney songs! I am very curious as to who can name them all! There are quite a lot! So I post this challenge to you - Name all of the Disney songs in the Medley played! Just leave a comment under this post or send me an email with all of the songs you got! I will post after the concert all of the songs played so you can see if you were right.

And, if you are curious, I will be the flute/piccolo player in the center of the flute section during wind ensemble and in Jazz band.....just look for the little girl playing the BIG saxophone! ;)

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  1. Best of luck to you. Sounds very exciting!! :)