Saturday, May 8, 2010

Disney and Arthritis

As I was searching around for some pictures of Disney the other day, I came across one that got my attention very quickly. It was labeled "1956- Walt Disney" and it was from Naturally, I just had to click on it and check it out. The page that came up was called "Milestones for Juvenile Arthritis" and it discussed programs and people who supported the fight to find a cure for Juvenile Arthritis. Sure enough, about half way down the page, was a picture of Walt Disney with a young boy who has JA. See the full article and picture here.

After seeing this, I was curious if there was any way that Disney was involved with the Arthritis Foundation, so I did a Google search to see what I could find. The page I came across first was a page for the 2011 Joints in Motion Training Team. This online training team is helping runners to train for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon and Marathon in January while raising money for the Arthritis Foundation!

When you register for the team, you are given your own interactive pages and a whole community of people to talk to who are running for the same cause. It costs $150 to join the team for the Half Marathon, the Marathon or Goofy Challenge and if you have ran with the the team before, it is only $100 to register again. This joiner's fee includes the training information you receive online, guaranteed event entry, hotel accommodations at a Walt Disney World Resort, Team Apparel, Team Incentives, and your own personalized fund raising site and tools for the fund raising. The Donation goal for the program is $2600, all the money going to help find a cure to Arthritis.

If you are not a runner, you can go to the site just to donate to the cause as well. If you know someone who is running on the team and would like to donate to their goal, just go to the page and search for their name.

If you are interested in registering for the Joints in Motion Training Team, visit their website here.

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