Friday, May 14, 2010

New Resort: Awaiting Full Judgement

Disney announced on their blog a few days ago about plans for a new resort on the Walt Disney World Property. Where the planned "Legendary Years" area of Pop Century Resort remains lie, there will be a brand new resort capturing the hearts of Disney movie lovers, Disney's Art of Animation Resort. This resort is aimed at families and will have wings of the hotel themed to 4 different Disney movies: Cars, Finding Nemo, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid wing will be the largest with 864 themed rooms while the remaining 1120 will be themed around the three other movies. There will be rooms and suites in the resort, the suites having both a living room and a bedroom, sleeping 6 people while the rooms will sleep 4. Disney's Art of Animation Resort will be a value resort and a non-DVC resort.

While the unveiling of a new resort is very exciting, there are several questions that come to mind. The main one that comes to me is Why these Movies? Two of these four movies already have representation at resorts on property; the new Finding Nemo rooms at Caribbean Beach and The Lion King theme at the Kidani Village DVC Property at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Disney has so many different movies, why are they repeating? It doesn't really make sense to me. I will be also interested to see the layout of the resort when it is released, I am curious as to why The Little Mermaid is such a large portion of the resort. And will this resort have any interactions with the Pop Century Resort? These hotels share a waterway and there are bridges connecting the two properties currently built.

Hopefully all of these questions will be answered for us, but in the meantime, the speculation continues. Do you have any questions about the new property? Feel free to comment about them! Keep your eyes here for updates as they become available.

To see the Disney Parks Blog post about the new Disney's Art of Animation Resort, click here.


  1. I have a feeling we are going to eventually see the Classic Years side of Pop Century re-themed to Animation as well. I am guessing more of the older 'classic' titles as the new side seems to be fairly recent movies with Little Mermaid being the oldest from 1989.

    Pop Century Classic Years is part way there already having Lady and The Tramp and Jungle Book well represented.

    I expect they layout of the resort to follow the original plans and look just like the Classic Years side. 10 buildings of rooms, 3 pools, 1 main hall.

    The current Generation Gap Bridge can end up being the walkway from the 'Classic' years of Disney Animation to the 'Current' years.....

    Only other option I see for the current Pop Century resort is to use each of the 10 buildings as a decade so the entire resort would end up covering the whole century..

    Should be interesting to see what Disney comes up with for this one!

  2. Please dont lynch me but I really dont see Cars as a classic film like the others. Maybe I need to watch it a couple more times! I like the film, but just dont see it on the same level!

  3. hmm. good question. ariel has always been very popular, as have nemo, simba, and lightning. i'm not sure that they are necessarily more popular than others, such as belle or woody/buzz. ariel also has a small role in the beach club villas and you can see her outside the main entrance there. why ariel will take up half the new resort is beyond me. i do agree with kymie i that cars doesn't seem to have the same acclaim as the other three.