Friday, December 3, 2010

The Disney Driven Life Academy Awards

I received a tweet the other day saying that I was nominated for two different DDL Academy Awards! I was not sure what exactly that meant, so I went over to to find out.  It turns out that the wonderful people over at the DDL have started an awards ceremony idea and they are allowing anyone to vote for your favorite in a number of categories, including radio, NDP's, podcasts, blogs, forums and more!

What was I nominated for? Well, I was nominated for "Best Princess" (awww!!) and this blog,, was nominated for most personable! I am quite honored to be mentioned for the awards and I think the judges and the people at The Disney Driven Life very much for the nominations!

There are a lot of familiar names in the Disney community in the voting, including my own boyfriend, Chris, who is up for "Best Prince" and for his interview with Steve Barrett!

If you would like to go vote, you can do so by clicking here!

I wish the best of luck to everyone who has been nominated! The winners will be announced December 14th during the live recording of innermouse!

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