Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Mysterious Disney Card

A little while ago, my dad was cleaning the basement and stumbled upon a card he did not recognize.  It had our name (Clawson) on it and had a picture of Mickey Mouse.

Said Card

Since it was obviously Disney related, he gave it to me, assuming I would know what it was.  I looked at it and had no clue! I saw that date on it was May of 2002, which would have been just a couple months before my family's very first trip to Walt Disney World.  I was only 13 and had not discovered my love of Disney at that point, so it couldn't have been me that got us that card.  My mother could not remember the card either, so I took it and decided to investigate.  I tweeted a picture of the card out to my Disney friends and asked if anyone knew what it could be.  Faster than you can say "Its a small world after all", I got a couple tweets back with the answer I was looking for!

The card was from what was called "The Disney Club" (As it did state on the card, I just didn't know what that meant).  It replaced the Magic Kingdom Club in 2000.  The card was for a program that gave discounts to those who had it, including discounts at the Disney Store and in Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  You could get discounts on vacation packages as well! It cost about $40 to join per year, not too bad if you look at some of the Disney prices these days, like the price for a D23 membership.

I asked if this card is what helped us go on our first trip, but my parents cannot remember if they used it or not and what they would have used it for. Regardless, I thought this card was a neat little find and liked learning about it!

If you would like to learn more information about The Disney Club, check out this great article on Mouse Planet, it has some good information and even a PDF file of the brochure that you got with your membership explaining all the savings!

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