Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Health Update

Note for New Readers: I know this is not Disney related, but when I started this blog, I said it would not be all Disney related.  This blog is also to talk about my life and health situations and getting to know who I am.  Here is a little bit about me so you can get to know me better outside of the Disney realm.

I realized that I hadn't written one of these in a while. Mainly because my health situation has been pretty steady and relatively boring....aka, just the way I like it! This has changed recently, some for the good and some, well, we really don't know if it's bad or not yet.

The good was a change in the style of injection that I take.  I take Enbrel and was on the "SureClick" for a long time. For those who do not know, the SureClick is a kind of injection where you just press a button and hold the tube to your skin and it injects the medication for you.  This was working fine, but the SureClick has a preservative in it that, for some reason, causes a larger amount of pain than with the other versions of the medication.  I hadn't minded this for a long time, but recently I have been so frustrated with the weekly soreness I would get from the injection that I decided to look into other options.  I settled on the prefilled syringe, which is just like a normal syringe for vaccines or shots but comes shipped with the medication already measured out.  I tried my first one today and WOW what a difference! No pain or irritation, it was so nice! I am so glad I decided to switch and if there is anyone else out there using the SureClick and having issues with pain, I highly suggest you switch.  Some people are worried about actually sticking themselves with a needle, but this one is so painless, its very easy to do and the needles itself is not that big at all.

My other bit of news is about playing yet another game of "What the heck is this?".  Odd, pin-point like marks have began spotting the top of my feet and, not knowing what they were, I called my Rheumatologist thinking it was a medication reaction. For those who may be wondering, they do not hurt or itch, I really cannot feel them at all, and when you press on them, they do not go away, which caught my attention.  My RA doc looked at them today and said she did not know what they were. So, I am off for a second opinion to my primary.  If he doesn't know, we will try to bombard the marks with a short term steroid treatment to get rid of them.  And if that doesn't work, it's off to yet another doctor, a dermatologist, to see if they can diagnose it.  There is a small possibility this could be the very early stages of something serious, but we are not jumping to conclusions and quite honestly, I'm not even gonna mention it right now because it is irrelevant until we try all of this other stuff.  So the end of next week I have an appointment with my primary and hopefully we can get this sorted out then and I will have more good news for ya!


  1. Hoping all goes well and the bumps go away! :(

  2. Oh no! I hope everything works out, and the bumps are some crazy, harmless coincidence.