Friday, May 6, 2011

Student Teaching Shenanigans: The Next Step

Couldn't write one of these for the last few weeks because all of my stories that I could write about would be too descriptive of my students.  My last placement was in a Autism and Severe Disabilities classroom and there are not words for how much I enjoyed my time there! I learned so much not just from the teacher but from the students as well! One thing I learned was patience; seeing what these students go through every day and what they have to deal with makes you thankful for what you have and give you the patience to put up with them through their trials.

The 7 weeks I spent in that classroom was not close to enough time to learn everything that I could and want to learn from them.  This is why I am staying!! No, I am not just going to just live in the classroom, I am happy to announce that I have a job!! My last day in the classroom, my co-op found out that she would be getting a new student who was severe enough that he would need a one-on-one aide. Because I am not certified yet (only because of paperwork that takes five years to fill out), I am able to become a paraprofessional, or aide.  So, before my last day was even over, I called and made an interview with the school district's substitute service.  They had to hire the aide through this service because they are not able to hire outright this far into the school year.

I went for an interview the Monday after Easter, then went in for a training and did the background check stuff that was necessary.  This past Tuesday, I had my final training and am officially considered a substitute teacher! Not even an hour after my final training was finished, my co-op called the job in for me and I was booked until the end of the year! I had my first day yesterday and WOW was it awesome! I have worked in classrooms for years because it is what I love to do,  I didn't really care if I got paid for it or not because it was fun. To actually work and get paid for it though is beyond cool!!

I cannot believe that I already have a job and I have not even graduated yet!! It is very exciting!  I know that at the beginning of student teaching, knowing that the end was coming near, I was very worried about what would happen.  I should have known that everything would fall into place. I have learned one more thing from all of these experiences; don't worry too much about the future, just live each day and everything will work out.

See ya out in the "Real World"!

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