Friday, August 27, 2010

Arcade Excitement!

When I am on a Disney vacation, there is just so much to do that I typically do not think about spending time in the hotel's arcade.  This past trip though, my sister and I decided to use our points and check out the arcade.  The All Star Sports Arcade is located inside the main building across from the End Zone Food Court.  You walk in and there are air hockey tables to your left, a ride simulator to your right and rows of arcade games in front of you.

The first thing Emily and I tried was the ride simulator, which was pretty wild! You pick a track to ride from several tracks and then you just hang on. There is a fan to simulate wind and while the chair cannot go as wildly as the cart on the screen, it definitely still simulates the wild ride well. Just watch your head, there isn't much of a cushion and it can get pretty bumpy as the ride goes on.

Emily and I played some other arcade games, including the classic Crazy Taxi.  I was walking around, deciding what to play next, and stumbled upon a game called Go Ballistic! It was a large machine with a screen that was far in the back and there were a lot of colored balls in the front tray.  I swiped my game card and 5 options came up on the screen, 5 different games to play: Crazy Kitchen, Counter Attack, Wood Chuckers, Sweet Shop, and Paintball Fury. I threw a ball at the one labeled Crazy Kitchen and the game started! The point of the game: destroy as many things in the kitchen as possible in 30 seconds! You had to throw the plastic balls at the screen and it made stuff break in the kitchen! It was so cool! I called Emily over and her and I spent the rest of our tokens playing this game!

Ya know, a picture is worth 1000 words, and a video is worth even more! Check out this Factory video about the game:

Cool huh?! It was a lot of fun to play! Make sure to check out the arcade at your next Disney hotel and see what cool games you can find!

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