Thursday, August 12, 2010

Miles and Miles of Magic

I have joined this website called in order to help myself get motivated to work out and get healthy! It is a great website that allows you to meet other active people and help each other to work towards a goal.  I am signed up as a walker mainly, I am able log the miles that I walk throughout the day and during exercises.

I thought about how I could log the miles I walk during the week of my vacation in Disney, since there is OH so much walking there! I went out to the store and bought a pedometer. I have tested it out around the house and it is pretty accurate, so I will be using it during my days in Walt Disney World to see how much I walk. I have talked to some people who have used a pedometer on their trips before and the were surprised at how much walking you actually do! So throughout my trip, I will log the amount of steps I take and when I return, I will share here on the blog. I think it will be quite an interesting experiment!

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