Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Reading Writing Thats the Rule

This time next week, I will be going to Neumann University, and beginning the classes that lead off my very final year of school.  Yes, my senior year of college begins next Tuesday, with an 8 am Classical Music class no less.

Being a senior year, there will obviously be harder classes as I come closer than ever to my major, but there will also be some extra challenges.  The first and hardest will be entering my last semester participating in Neumann Music.  This music program has been amazing and I have learned so much, I will dearly miss it.  And this last semester of Music comes directly after learning about the departure of a dear music teacher and friend.  Her family has to move to Morocco, so it will make the department at the University very different.

This first semester will have a very challenging class in it, Senior Sem, where I will be learning about everything I will be doing in the spring during Student Teaching.  I know I will be blogging about the crazy stuff I will have to do there, so look for those.  The other challenge for this semester will be working on my Honors paper.  These are usually written in the spring semester, but because of student teaching, I have to write the paper this fall.

It shall be an interesting 10 months, so look for the occasional update as to the status of my classes and the challenges I face with Student Teaching.

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