Saturday, September 4, 2010

Me, Beyond Disney

On Twitter, I follow a lot of Disney people and we talk about lots of Disney things. Recently though, I was engaged in a fun conversation about movies and found out that some of my Disney friends and I had some movie likes in common, older ones including Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne and Clark Gable films.  This made me realize, while we all have a huge interest in common, there may be lots of other interests we have in common also!  So I thought I would take this post to share some things about myself other than my love for Disney. Who knows, maybe we will have more than just Disney in common!

Continuing with the movies, I also enjoy the occasional Romantic Comedy such as The Ugly TruthMel Brooks and Monty Python are also pretty awesome! Love watching 007 movies and almost any action type flick. I don't really watch much television, but I am trying to catch up on past seasons of The Office and I catch the odd episode of House or White Collar when my family is watching them.  I also enjoy watching baking shows and different shows on the History Channel, though I don't get to see them often. I used to watch Dancing With the Stars because I would love to learn how to ballroom dance someday, but haven't seen an episode in a few seasons.

I am a big reader when school isn't keeping me swamped with work.  I really love historical fiction, my favorite author being Ann Rinaldi.  I am a Harry Potter reader and, as much as I don't want to admit this, I would be excited to go see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal. I also really enjoy Jane Austin after reading Pride and Prejudice for my senior thesis paper. I also collect childrens books, for my eventual classroom library and just because the are so fun to look at!  And of course, I keep the usual Disney books on my shelf, including Kingdom Keepers and the Official Encyclopedia.  Hoping to have a huge library someday, like those of Scott Otis and Glenn Whelan!

I am really into History, especially American history, though there is some European stuff I enjoy learning about, including the Tudor dynasty in England.  I actually sat through a Revolutionary War and a Civil War class in college just for fun, not for credit or anything because I find them so fascinating!

I love to cook but especially love to bake and make desserts of all kinds! I took almost all of the cooking classes my high school had to offer, it is just so much fun to create! I like watching shows like Cake Boss just to see the decorating ideas they have and my dream is to someday learn how to make and decorate wedding cakes, maybe even for Disney!

Music has always been a huge part of my life, about as much as Disney is.  I've played flute for 15 years  and find playing to be very relaxing.  I have also learned in the last couple years to play the entire saxophone family except for Soprano Sax.  As far as music that I listen to, I listen to almost everything, country is probably my least favorite though.

So there is a bit about myself! Feel free to leave comments and share with me some of your likes and dislikes, I would love to hear them!! If you are on twitter, feel free to follow and join the conversation also:

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