Wednesday, September 22, 2010

View the Queue: Toy Story Mania

As I was editing some of my videos from my trip to Disney in August, I realized my dad took some nice footage of the Toy Story Mania queue. So I took the pieces of tape and edited them together to make what I am hoping to be the first in a series I am going to call View the Queue! I am going to make photo montages and videos of different queues throughout Walt Disney World and post them to share with everyone.  You get the details of standing in line without the hassle of having to actually stand in line! Feel free to send me feedback on what you think of the videos and look for more queues to be coming soon! Here's the video and some additional pictures from the queue. Enjoy!

As soon as you enter the Queue, which is Andy's Room, you shrink to the size of a toy
Standby to the Left, Fastpass to the Right

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