Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mom's Panel Quest 2011: The End is the Beginning

Tuesday Evening into Wednesday Morning, many people received emails, two different kinds.  The first one was an email stating that Disney was appreciative of your interest and taking the time to fill out the application for the Mom's Panel 2011 search, but you have not been selected to move onto round 2.  The second email had the wonderful words stating that the reader was to be congratulated because they have moved onto round 2 of the Mom's Panel 2011 search! 

The select few that have received this second email are currently filled with a combination of joy, excitement, anxiousness and total fear! They have moved on, but now have to continue on the roller coaster of emotions and rounds to get to the final goal, Official Mom's Panel Member! I would like to give my most warm congrats to all who got this email, you completely deserve it and I will be pulling for all of you to make it to the panel because you are all wonderful people and deserve it!

For those of us (yes, I mean us) who received that first, less happy email, do not be discouraged by it.  Consider it a beginning.  We get to learn from this year's trials and prepare ourselves to enter the journey again next year! Remember that just because this year was not your year does not mean that you are unfit to be on the panel. Quite the contrary; there are so many of you who are more than qualified to be on the panel that if Disney wants to keep this contest going for many more years, they need deny some of you now so they can accept you later! Just continue learning and enhancing your love of Disney to prepare yourself for that inevitable day when you will be accepted to the panel!

Oh, and a little side note from me: If anyone knows what this "Mickey Mom's Club" is all about, please let me know, I had tried to log in, but it keeps saying they are not taking any members right now.

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