Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Resort Romp: All Star Sports Resort

Ok, so starting a new series here. Was given the idea for this series in August on my last trip to WDW. My family walked around several different Resorts because my little sister was trying to decide where she wanted to stay for her graduation present trip in June or July of 2011.  We visited several resorts and when I went back and looked at my pictures from all of them, I thought that I would share the pictures with all of you!

The first resort we will be hopping to is the resort my family and I stayed at in August of this past year: All Star Sports! It is one of the three All Star Resorts, first on the bus stop route for all parks and themed to, you guessed it, sports! Join me through a picture walk-through of the resort:

The Guard Gate
What you see as you drive up

The Lobby


A Stairwell on the Baseball part of the resort

Towel Rack and Baseball Wallpaper


Sink Area

Entertainment Center

Curtains and Window

Table and Mirror


Hallway on the Baseball Side

Hallway and more wings

Closeup on the other wing

View from the second floor out to the Quad area

Baseball Pool

Baseball Pool Area

Leads to the Stairs and elevator

Pool Area

Center of the Football Area, you walk here from the  Baseball area to get to the lobby, buses, store and food court

Giant Football Helmet

X's and O's on the Football to climb and take pictures with

End of one of the Surfing wings

Football area

The Mickey in the center is really awesome!

Bus Stop

Stairwell in the Tennis Wing

Tennis Area Hallways

The center of the Tennis Area

Donald looks a bit mad on the Tennis court

Yep, I would say he's mad....I wonder why?

Yea, I would say this is probably why

Part of the Surfing Wing

Surfing Area

Mickey Statue in the center of the resort

Close up on the Mickey, statue is handicap accessible and good for photos

Surfing Wing

Surfing Wing

Cool Shark Fin in the Surfing Wing Area
This is our little walk-through of All Star Sports.  The only area that I did not get any pictures of is the Basketball area.  For More Pictures, I would suggest checking out, Deb has tons of pictures on her site of all of the resorts. 

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