Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Carving with a Disney Flair

Today, my family and I are going to carve a couple pumpkins! I love doing this, it is so much fun! Yes, part of it may be I love eating pumpkin seeds, but that's another story.  Being the Disney girl that I am, I naturally would love to carve something Disney into my pumpkin and being the complete non-artist that I am, there is no way I could freehand anything! So, like many people do, I turned to the internet for some help.

I was searching for Disney pumpkin carving stencils and came across quite a lot actually.  To be honest, almost anything could be carved into a pumpkin, any picture you find on the internet could be adapted, it is just knowing how.  Here is a big tip: when deciding to carve something, make sure there are places to connect the pieces together; meaning if you are going to carve out Jack Skellington's Face, do not start by carving a circle because then you have a "Holey Pumpkin". Yay for puns! Anyway, if you wanted to do Jack, you could use a pattern like this:

See how the pumpkin was used as the head and they carved in the features of his face? Gives the same effect.

I found lots of different Disney stencils for carving and I thought I would share some with you here, maybe it will give you an idea on what to carve! And if you have any ideas, please share them, I would love to hear more!!

Princess Pumpkins:

Villain Pumpkins:

The Fab 5 and Other Great Ideas!:


Hope these were helpful with  your Pumpkin Carving Ideas! As far as what I am going to carve??....I am not sure yet! I will make sure to post a picture of my pumpkin on here for all to see though!

Happy Carving!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing! We also carve Disney pumpkins. I usually buy the Disney pattern books, but couldn't find any this year until yesterday! I was kicking myself got not scanning in last year's patterns before cutting them. My kids have chosen Mickey, Minnie and Pinocchio, though if my daughters saw the princess ones you shared, they may change their minds!

  2. I love the pooh one. It looks easiest enough that I won't mess it up.

  3. Wow, these are so beautiful. I love those disney pumpkin carving ideas and I really love the outcome. Thanks!