Friday, March 11, 2011

Student Teaching Shenanigans: Please Touch Museum

This week, I started my new placement in a special education room! The class mostly has students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, leaning more towards severe cases.  This experience is completely different than any experience I have had so far in all of my school practicums.  I have worked with my co-op before, she is actually the one who got me interested in working with students with severe disabilities.  I have already learned so much so far and cannot wait to begin more one on one work with the students!

The main part of this post is to talk about the awesome field trip we went on on Tuesday! We visited the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.  This is a childrens museum that is very interactive and has tons of rooms for them to explore and enjoy! There were all different rooms, including a room that was like a town, an Alice in Wonderland themed room, transportation room, water play room, and even a carousel! It was a lot of fun and quite honestly, I want to find someone with kids so that I can take them there and play some more!!  Here are some pictures of the museum for you to explore:

The front of the Museum
The sign
Inside the little town area
I have always loved little towns, I thought this was soo cool!
Great Grocery Store
Soo cute inside!!
The Arches all children can recognise
Captain Noah!! I watched this when I was a little girl
Such a good childrens show!!
Alice in Wonderland
Part of the door and mirror maze
This flamingo moved just like the croquet ones
"Do you play croquet?"
A bush maze
Looking down on the Mad Tea Party
Looking down on the Alice in Wonderland area
The kids love spotting the cat in the tree
Remember the movie Big? The piano on the wall is the original one from the movie!
This was an area for the students to see what it is like to be blind.  There was also a wheelchair they could sit in to see what being in a wheelchair was like
I love Carousels!
The Waterplay area
In the lobby center was this Statue of Liberty Arm
Looking over towards the Transportation room
Towards the Waterplay room
The Lobby
Transportation room again
Close-up on the Statue of Liberty arm...Made out of tons of different objects
The kids could sit and drive part of a Septa bus
Did you think I would not find any Disney here? Check out this Dinoco Helicopter!
Toys that were on display
These playsets are rides from Walt Disney World!
Rockets Away! Air cannons are used to shoot foam rocket pieces into the high ceiling of the room
On our way back to the exit after a fun trip! This last picture is of the ramp that acts as the "Rabbit Hole" near the Alice in Wonderland play area.

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