Thursday, August 4, 2011

How Disney Married Us...Unofficially

Had to throw that unofficially in there before I gave anyone a heart attack.  No, Chris and I are not engaged or married, unless you ask a couple Magic Kingdom cast members who seem to think otherwise. 

It all began right before our trip; my cousin is getting married and was thinking about going to Walt Disney World for her honeymoon.  She wanted me to pick up some information for her while I was there, if there was any.  I didn’t mind at all, but I was not sure where to look.  The couple times I went to Franck’s it was closed and when I asked at the concierge at Wilderness Lodge, all they did was hand me a piece of paper that basically said “Call this number”. So Chris and I thought that maybe the City Hall in Magic Kingdom would be a good place to check.

We walked into Magic Kingdom one night after our dinner at Ohana’s and walked over to City Hall.  After waiting a minute or so, a woman came up to us and asked what we needed.  I asked “Do you have any information on honeymoons?”, what I thought to be a simple, non-implied question.  She thinks for a second and says she is not sure, goes behind the desk and calls us up to it.  She asks how long we would be still in the parks to which we replied just one more day, as it was near the end of our trip. She looks through a few things and speaks with her fellow cast member standing next to her, though we cannot hear what they are saying until he says “Can you do that?” and she replies “I don’t know, but I am going to try” and walks to the back room.

The male cast member behind the desk makes small talk with Chris and I, asking if we have seen the Main Street Electrical Parade or Fantasmic yet, to which we replied that we had seen everything expect Fantasmic, which we were seeing tomorrow, on our last day.  

The woman walks back and forth a few more times between the back room and then comes out to us, saying that she cannot get ahold of the manager at Hollywood Studios, so we would have to do this the long way.  She has me fill out a slip with my name, address and phone number on it and then begins plugging things into the computer. Up to this point, Chris and I thought she was merely arranging for us to pick up information at the studios tomorrow. 

The cast member then pulls out a booklet and begins writing on a carbon copied sheet, rips out two of them and hands us these yellow slips of paper. “This one is for a free ice cream for each of you and this one is for a free soda or water, both to be used in the Magic Kingdom tonight” she says and we, through shocked faces, thanked her very much for them.  I did not know what this had to do with my question, Chris and I assumed they were giving this to us because we stumped them with a question and they had no information on honeymoons. She then pulls out this other slip of paper; “If you guys take this number to Guest Relations tomorrow at Hollywood Studios, they will give you free Fast Passes for rides of your choice”.  Chris and I were in full shock now! We thanked her very much and realized we must have really stumped her…until her next statement…

“We don’t have any information on honeymoons, but we love helping you guys out” and with this, she pulled out two “Just Married” pins and handed them to us.


Yea, that’s about all we could say….we must have stared at her for a good five seconds…What made her assume that we were married? All I asked for was honeymoon information, if I was on my honeymoon, why would I need the information?? 

We took the pins, thanked her again and walked out onto Main Street.  Chris could barely contain his laughter! He turns to me and explains that she must have thought we wanted information on what we could do during our honeymoon now or if there was any special things for honeymooners to do. 

So that is how Chris and I got unofficially married by Disney.  In the end, it is a good tip for those who are on their honeymoon; Get those “Just Married” pins, they will get you sooo much free stuff! No, we did not wear the pins, we did not feel it was right to lie to people like that, but you can guarantee that when we do get married someday, we will have those pins for sure!


  1. nice! Can't believe no one directed you to the web page- lots on there :)

  2. HA! That's funny! My SIL & her husband got the pins when they were on their honeymoon this year. They also got watches from the resort that they stayed at! Didn't realize they had so many nice things to hand out!

  3. That's hilarious! I bet the looks on y'alls faces was priceless!

    They always want people married at WDW! Kyle & I (just friends) got called "Mr & Mrs G" at dinner in Mexico and then our waitress recommended the Three Caballeros ride since it's so romantic. We just giggled and let it go.