Monday, September 12, 2011

Why I am Not Applying for Mom's Panel

Yes, you read that right, I am not applying for the Mom's Panel this year. I enjoyed the application experience for the most part last year, outside of the waiting period and anxiety associated with it, but I have decided to skip it for this year.  No, I am not being a quitter, and I am not scared of not being accepted. I am not applying this year because I am focusing on applying to Disney in another way....a more permanent way. 

My ultimate dream is to work in the parks, to be a cast member, and I realized that if I applied for the Mom's Panel, I really wouldn't be able to focus on my ultimate goal as much. Where would I like to work in the parks? Well, I would be happy just about anywhere really, but what I am working to apply for is the Disney Youth Programs.  I feel that my Education degree will really shine working with one of these programs (plus, it won't make my family feel as bad for paying for me to get a degree for me to "just work at Disney").

This process of applying could take a while, but I am willing to stick it out because I know it is what I want to do and every day of experience I get will get me closer to that dream job. Just thought I would head off any questions by answering it in the blog post now. I would like to wish a BIG Good Luck and send some pixie dust to anyone who is applying for Mom's Panel, Disney would benefit from all of your input and wisdom!

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  1. I really wanted to do the Disney Youth Programs too! I considered looking into a 2nd internship with Disney in that area, but it just didn't work out for me! Good luck! I hope that you get there! They would be lucky to have you!