Friday, June 26, 2009


Today was a busy day at my house! The day was spent watching my 9 year old little friend, Shannon (if you are friends with me on Twitter, you have seen some pics of me watching her before). We went swimming and watched a movie and drew pictures and went for a walk in the park. She's a very active girl!

Not an hour after my little girl friend leaving, we get my 4 year old and 18 month old cousins, Steven and Ryan. They are two very active boys! I am sure there will be many stories on here about them. We are watching them for the next couple days. Tonight, we watched a Disney Sing-a-long (gotta teach them right!), ate dinner, got their baths (which, with a 4 yr and 18 month old, makes you feel like you are in the splash zone at Sea World!) and now they are finally winding down and getting ready for bed. Steven is sleeping downstairs with my old sleeping bag camping out!

Here are some pictures from the nature walk we took with Shannon earlier:
Shannon found a frog while we were walking today!She also found a "budderfwy"

A couple shots of the nature of the walk: I love scenery pictures...

Shannon drew a picture of our little hike when we got home

Soon I will put up some pictures of my cousins, I have OH so many of them!

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