Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Honors Class Topic Seaching...

Ok, so I need some help from you guys and gals. I am in the Honors Program at my university, which requires me to write a research paper on any topic of my choosing. Right now, I have 6 topics that I am looking at, which are listed below. What I need from you awesome people is to tell me which one of these topics you would be most interested in hearing a lecture about or learning about (The goal of the program is to get lecture and publishing experience). If you guys could tell me which of these topics you find interesting, I would really appreiciate it!

1- Wild Children (view www.feralchildren.com for an idea of what I mean)
2- Sevants Syndrome
3- Rheumatoid Arthritis/JRA
4- George Washington's Culper Gang and the development of the Spy Systems of Today
5- Helen Keller and the development of deaf and blind language
6- Francis Marion and the similarites and differences between history and "The Patriot"(Would probably include a brief analysis of the movie "The Patriot" along with a plot summary)


  1. I would say #6 because as a former history major I thought the movie was rather insulting to the Revolutionary War and the tactics used by the British. I doubt they were ever that cruel.

  2. I would like to hear about #4 because it sounds very interesting to me. I like the history surrounding the early presidents. The HBO special John Adams was very good. #4 sounds like a very cool topic!!

  3. Im so glad I am not the only history buff! Those where my two favorite topics, so I might write my next two papers on these two. The first paper I wrote was the difference between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution and proving why the constitution is better then and now. and yes, John Adams was awesome!!