Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Internet Wonders: Disney Simulators

Whilst (yes, I said whilst) I was chatting in the Sorcerer Radio Chat Room one morning, listening to the Tiki Room Morning Show and having some fun, one of my fellow chatters put up this link and said it was worth a look. He said it was a ride simulator and me, always wishing I was in the parks riding the rides, excitedly clicked on the link.

When I got the site, called Themagical.nl, and clicked the tab at the top that said "Simulations", it brought me to a page with 6 rides on it, all of which are familiar from different Disney parks around the world : Big Thunder Mountain Railroad from Disneyland Paris, Expedition Everest from Animal Kingdom, Millionaire Play it! in Hollywood Studios, Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris, Space Mountain from Disneyland Paris and Tower of Terror from Hollywood Studios.

You click on the ride that interests you and it brings up a screen with a warning on it. Once you click the button, you are sent to an overview of the ride or show with all of the controls to one side. You are now in charge of that ride or show; you are the main control man. Your job now is to set up what needs to be set up prior to the opening of the ride, let people in and running all ride operations and fixing anything that may go wrong along the way.

There are two types of the game for most of the simulators- Timed and Unlimited. With the timed, you are racing against a clock to see how many people go through the ride and trying to get a high score! Unlimited is kind of like the practice course for the timed one. That is what I have been playing under while trying to figure out how everything works.

These are so much fun, it makes you feel like you are an actual cast member in the parks! You get to be in control of a ride and making sure it runs smoothly! For all of those people who have always wanted to feel like a cast member or for those who just are missing the park and want some interactive magic, I would definitely check these out!!!

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