Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tributes through the Tragedy

The Disney community was shaken early Sunday morning by the news of a tragic monorail crash that took the very young life of Austin Wuennenberg, 21. Since hearing the news, Disney fans around the globe have pulled together to show their support for the family and friends sharing in the loss.

Disney fans on Twitter pulled their powers together and made a tribute that fitting for the site; they got Austin's name on the Trending Topics board (started by the one and only DisneyFrankness). The feat was actually written about by Central Florida 13 News. Also in this article is a pictoral tribute to the monorail pilot that was made by the host of the Tiki Room Morning Show, Chris Reid.

After seeing the outpouring of love that was shown by all of the Disney fans out there, I decided to create my own kind of tribute. I have recently gotten interested in making knot friendship bracelets. It is a very fun and cheap way for me to be creative, and the hand motions that are used in making these bracelets are good to keep my hands loose. My tribute, as modeled by my little sister in the picture, is a bracelet design that I am calling Austin. It has purple and pink in it for the colors of the monorails that were involved in the accident, black as a sign of mourning for the loss that we all feel and white for the peace that Austin is at now. Every time I see this bracelet, I will remember the loss felt by all Disney fans.

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