Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Movie Review: Princess and the Frog

Disney's newest animated film, Princess and the Frog, was advertised for months. Hype for this movie has been huge and that is largely because it is the return to hand drawn animation, something that has been gone from the Disney Company for years. Many people were anxious to see how the newest movie about the newest princess would turn out. So the big question is: Did it live up to the hype?

In my opinion, yep! The movie was a cute and fun, it seemed to go by fast and the music is so fun to listen to and pretty memorable. They took a different approach with Tiana as a princess that I really liked. They made her flawed in a way, they did not show her as perfect and did not paint her as the goo goo eyed damsel in distress. The goofball prince actually realizes what he has to do even before Tiana does, which I found very interesting. The show had different twists and turns that I enjoyed and, like any Disney movie, had those few parts that got you a little weepy eyed.

The hand drawn animation is of the greatest quality, just as the animation was years ago! Disney has definitely not lost their touch when it comes to the hand drawings! It just made it so fun to watch!

I went and saw it with my boyfriend Chris, another huge Disney lover, and we were enjoying picking out the bits and pieces that we recognized from other Disney films. There seemed to be tributes to almost all, if not all of the major Disney princess films, along with other little tributes. I know we did not find all of them, just another reason to watch the movie again!

The villain, Dr. Facilier, also known as the Shadowman, is up there in the creepyness! Chris actually said he reminded him of Jafar (coincidentally, just as he said that, Facilier's shadow turned into a snake, which was pretty cool). He works with voodoo and shadows, conjuring evil spells and spirits from his "Friends on the Other Side".

So overall, I find this to be a cute film that I would recommend to the whole family. I will warn that if you have someone in your family that is afraid of shadows, maybe even the dark, I would be wary and warn them about the Shadowman, he has minions that may really scare them. Otherwise, this is a pretty good film.

Then again, this is only my analysis and opinion. I have heard others who think the opposite about the movie. If you have seen it, let me know your opinion! Write it in the comment box on the bottom of this post. All I ask is that you do not post any spoilers, we do not want to ruin the movie for any other readers who have not seen it yet.

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  1. Yeah I agree, it had a lot of 'other Disney' references in it, which rocks! Ariel at the costume party was fantastic if you caught it. The shadow people were a bit creepy and I hope Peter Pan can explain himself to little ones, lol.

    I still have that "are you reeeady?" song in my head! Its called 'Friend on the other side". Great tunes. Love Randy Newman.

    And LOVE that I got to see this on our first movie-date together, Jess!! <3