Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wonderful New Years Surprise

You may have noticed that I haven't updated in a few days, quite the opposite of my plans going into the new year. The only reason I have not updated is because I was greeted with the most wonderful surprise on the first of the year.

After watching the Philadelphia Mummers parade, my mom and sis went shopping and told me they would call my dad and I when they wanted to meet for dinner. After waiting a long time, they finally called and told us to meet them at 8 at a steakhouse nearby. 8 is a very late time for my family to eat and I found it kind of odd, but I just went with it because I was hungry and tired. We got there and sat down at a table with 5 seats, I was told my aunt was coming with us to eat, but she wasn't there yet. The waitress comes up to take our orders and then I hear a voice say "excuse me, is this seat taken". I look up and after what I was told was a "WTF" face, I almost scream at seeing Chris Reid standing there! He flew all the way from Winnipeg to surprise me! I was so so excited!

Chris was here from the 1st to today, the 6th. He got here late on the 1st because of a bunch of flight delays. On the 2nd, we went up to the King of Prussia mall to walk around and showed him what Ikea was because his home town is getting one soon. The 3rd was spent in Lancaster Pennsylvania, where we toured an Amish house, did some shopping and went through a train museum! That night we had our first movie date and saw Princess and the Frog (look for a review on that soon). Chris really wanted to go to New York City again, but we weren't able to get tickets for a show or anything due to the time limit, so instead we spent the day in Philadelphia, where Chris saw the Liberty Bell, the LOVE sign, the Art Museum (where he ran up the stairs like Rocky) and Eastern State Penitentiary. That night was spent at Longwood Gardens, which has some beautiful Christmas displays. We spent our last day together just watching movies, reading up on some Disney information and just relaxing together before he had to leave. I was even able to have him as a guest on the Sorcom Review that I host on Sorcerer Radio every Tuesday, which was so much fun!

He is flying back home now, I will really miss him but we had so much fun and in just 156 days, we will be in Disney together! There will be lots more on that trip posted here too! Just thought I would share my wonderful surprise with you all and I wanted to thank Chris for a great start to the New Year!

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