Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taking Vacation to the Next Level

For a little while now, Chris and I have had a blog called "The Many Adventures of the Vacation Nerds", where we would update our trip information and talk about our vacations together. I had become a bit frustrated with that blog because I had some ideas of what I wanted to do with it and it just wouldn't let me! So for the last week or so I have been feverishly working to bring you the brand new website VacationNerds.com!

On this site, you can see write ups on past trips, pictures from those trips as well, and information on the present trips that we are going to take! There is a HUGE page devoted to the links that we use to plan our vacations and links that, we hope, will help you to plan a vacation to some of the places we have visited!

One thing that Chris and I both love is feedback and questions! If you have any questions about places we have visited, if there is anything you would like to see on the site, or if you have an idea for a place we should visit, please send us an email to vacationnerds@gmail.com.

Chris and I will have lots of information about our upcoming Disney trip on the site, there is a lot already on the Present Vacation Plans page.

We both hope that you will enjoy reading about our adventures on VacationNerds.com


  1. Very cool website! Hope you guys have an awesome trip and I am looking forward to following along!

  2. Thanks so much! So glad you like the website and we also are looking forward to having everyone follow along with us on our trip as well! :)