Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Be a Hero!

As you may know, Chris Reid does a great show every Monday at 1pm Eastern on Magical Mouse Radio called Cosmic Reid's Starlight Cafe.  This show has many great sponsors, including Steve Barrett's Hidden Mickeys, and  Today, he got a brand new sponsor: DKMS Americas, whose mission is "to save lives by recruiting bone marrow donors for leukemia patients." 

Chris heard about this while prepping for another radio show he does in his home town of Winnipeg.  He was going through the news to read on his show and stumbled upon a story that immediately caught his eye.  What caught his eye first was that the article was about someone in The Lion King musical in New York City, something we had gone to see almost a year ago.  As he read through the article, he found out that it was unfortunately a sad story, an actor from the musical was diagnosed with leukemia and there had been a donor drive at the Minskoff theatre to try to find a bone marrow match.  What makes the story that much sadder is that the actor, or actress in this case, is only 11 years old.  Shannon Tavarez had performed on the Broadway stage for several months as Young Nala, but had to leave her dream role in April when she was diagnosed. 

Chris immediately contacted who was in charge of the donations, offering any help he could give. After several emails back and forth, Cosmic Reid has now partnered with DKMS Americas to get the word out about Shannon and her plight, along with the plight of all who suffer from leukemia, in the hopes of finding her a donor and getting this amazing young actress back where she belongs, on the stage!

To find out how to see if you are a match for Shannon and if you are eligible to be a donor, visit Cosmic Reid's page, Destination: Donation and check out the DKMS Americas Site on becoming a donor.  Let's help to get the word out, you never know, you may tell the person who could be Shannon's hero!

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