Friday, July 16, 2010

Scrapbooking Magic

Coming back from a Disney vacation, there are so many memories that you don't want to forget! One way I relive the magic after a vacation is looking at all the pictures I took on the trip. I always take lots of pictures, on this last trip, between Chris and I, we took over 1700 pictures!! So many wonderful memories saved! I know what many people do with their pictures, besides post them on Facebook, is put their pictures in a photo album. Others, like myself, love to make scrapbooks!

I love scrapbooks because they can tell more than a regular photo album can! You can put more than just pictures in, you can put luggage tags, receipts, tickets, fastpasses and so much more! Plus, you get to decorate the pages with ribbons and stickers!

Last week I started planning and making the scrapbook from Chris and my trip, laying out some pages. When I get some more pages done, I will post some of them here on the blog!

I'd love to hear how you keep your Disney or any vacation memories alive! Do you scrapbook? What other ways are out there to recreate the memories? Feel free to leave me a comment or even send me an email!

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