Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fond Fair Memories: Mickey's House

Last week, we said goodbye to the seventh magical land in the Magic Kingdom, Mickey's Toontown Fair. When I was down in August, I took as many pictures as I could of the Fair, knowing that it would be the last time I would see it.  I thought this would be a good time to start my photo mini-series of the Fair, to promote the memories of the good times we all had there! Feel free to comment or send me your favorite memories of Mickey's Toontown Fair.

For our first photo series, here are my photos of Mickey's House! Enjoy!

It's all about the details! Mickey is everywhere, even the fence!

I always wanted this mailbox

Mickey's front window

Mickey's Door

A picture of Mickey building his house. This was to the left as you walked in the door, next to his bedroom

This was the gate in front of Mickey's room to keep Pluto out....needless to say, it didn't work so well...

A look inside Mickey's closet...kinda messy, but it's an organized mess

Mickey's Room

Love how all his clothes are so lined up and his mannequin has his ears!

Mickey's Foyer Mirror, keys, and is that mail?

Why yes! That is Mickey's mail on the table!

Wow Mickey gets mail from some popular people!

Part of Mickey's Living room! Here's his Bike!

Mickey's Bike

Mickey's Couch, seems like he rushed off while watching a big game!

His banners are cool!

Those snacks look good!

The rest of Mickey's Living Room. Remember the television? Tell me you haven't tried to lean over and see what was on the screen just to set off the alarm buzzer! I know I have!

I could so take a nap in that chair...

A picture in the living room of Donald's Boat, Miss Daisy

Some ore classic Donald Pictures in Mickey's House. These are between the Living room and Game Room

Some interesting things in Mickey's Game Room

The games in the Game Room....Poor Donald....

The different trophies are so cool

Some pictures on the Game Room Wall

The Paddles are Mickey shaped!

Seeing this sign in front of your kitchen spells DANGER!

Goofy and Donald's Remodeling Plans

The rest of the plans

What a mess....

Can you tell Donald was in here?
The list on the door is awesome!

This has Goofy written all over it
This looks really neat, I will miss this....

Wow, that mixer is such a mess!

What were they thinking with the paint and paper?

Ok, don't feel so bad about the paint and paper when you see these paper issues!

Walking outside of Mickey's Back Door, you see the Judges Tent just past his Garden

The signs in the back yard were so fun to read!

Pluto's House!

Love Mickey's Pants sitting there!

That is one BIG Pumpkin!

Mickey has the coolest tomato patch
More of Mickey's Garden

BIG Tomatoes

The coolest tomato EVER

Mickey's Cactus plants have character


Oh the discoveries made in Mickey's Garage

He really keeps everything in here, doesn't he?

I want a Last Aid kit and a giant cartoon mallet!

I wonder who sat there....

Goodbye Mickey's House, we shall miss you!!

Look for more picture memories from Toontown coming soon!

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  1. AMAZINGLY comprehensive. Having never been to Mickey's House in the WDW ToonTown before, I feel like I have now. Thanks!