Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fond Fair Memories: Minnie's House

The next stop on our FAIRwell tour to Mickey's Toontown Fair is Minnie Mouse's House! This fun and interactive house could keep small children and even some big kids at heart occupied for a while!

So pretty in pink!

Just like Mickey's, its a familiar face on the mailbox

Such a nice hearth!

The chair looks comfy, but if I remember correctly, its not that comfy, kinda stiff actually

Old Fashioned Radio

No, the Stroller in this picture is NOT Minnie's!

I just loved Minnie's knick-knacks!

Its Mini Minnie's House!

There's a Mini Mickey's house too!

Ah, the lovely Miss Daisy

One of Minnie's many paintings....and I just love how big their light switches are!

Some more award winning artwork

I just love this one

This was cool, you could actually sit and get a picture taken pretending to run the sewing machine

 You could get your picture with this pottery wheel also

Wow is Minnie Talented or what?
The next few pictures are a series of posters that were on the wall in Minnie's house

Mickey as a Knight in shining armor

I love this, this was Minnie's message area!

Kinda blurry, but this was a letter from Flora, Fauna and Merriweather that Minnie was replying to

You could listen to Minnie's answering machine messages

Some notes on her bulletin board

More notes and papers

Minnie's official citizenship certificate!

I just loved this "Diet Cookie" trick in the kitchen

You would press a button and the spoons would make some music banging against the pots

Minnie has her cheese stock piled in the fridge. You can even feel the cold air coming out
Lots of notes on her fridge

Minnie's Sink

This was the cake Minnie was cooking that you could watch rise and fall when you pushed a button

Bigger view of the oven area

Her mixer and microwave that had popcorn to pop inside of it

Inside the Greenhouse

She had some great seeds to plant

Artsy picture of the seats in the greenhouse courtesy of my little sis

The back gate leading out of Minnie's house

So long Minnie's House! We will miss you!

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  1. I love this post and Mickey's House post! I will really really miss these houses :( Hopefully one day they will re-build them in a better suited area!