Saturday, February 26, 2011

Student Teaching Shenanigans Restrictions

Due to recent events regarding a teacher in Pennsylvania who said negative things about students and a school district on the internet, restrictions are being set onto teachers and other professionals regarding the expression of their opinions.  It has been advised that we no longer talk about situations in schools, especially regarding students.  Because of this, my Student Teaching Shenanigans posts from here on out will include very little mention of the students that I work with or their quotations.  My posts will mainly focus on the experience I have as a teacher and the lesson I teach and learn.

Frankly, I really do think this stinks.  I am a student teacher, thoroughly enjoying the experiences that I am having and enjoying sharing these experiences with my friends and because of one person, all of us have to be restricted.  My students say some of the cutest things and I enjoy sharing them.  I hope you have enjoyed the segments that I have had so far and I will work to make sure that my future posts are still an enjoyable read.

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