Sunday, February 13, 2011

Relive Toontown Every Day!

Just the other day, we lost a great place in Walt Disney World, a fun spot for children to have fun and run around the town where their favorites characters live; Mickey's Toontown Fair! Will you be missing Toontown? I know I will be! But there is something out there that can help you relive your walks through Toontown over and over again while giving you some amazing details!  The Mickey's Toontown Fair Audio Guide by Lou Mongello!

I got this audio guide and I absolutely love it!! The sounds make you feel like you are really walking down the street by Mickey's house! The descriptions and details that Lou tells you about give the history of the amazing land and will make you remember your good times there!

If you are missing Toontown as much as I am, get Lou's audio guide and relive the magic! Click Here to order the Toontown Guide today!!

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