Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Avatar Group Watch: Friday Oct 7 @ 8pm

So, as promised, I am planning an online group watch for Avatar for those of us who haven't seen it yet and/or just want to watch it together and discuss the possibilities for the new "Avatar Land" in Animal Kingdom. The plan is for this Friday at 8:00 pm Eastern. I have created a Friend Feed at and at 8 on Friday, just meet in there with your movies ready to play and once we are all settled, we hit play at the same time and begin to discuss. I will post reminders on Twitter and Facebook as well as have a Plancast event for those interested.

I know that Ryan Kilpatrick, owner of Disney Film Project, is planning on doing a watch for this as well at some point, though it has not been announced yet on his website.  I am doing this now just to further my understanding of Disney's choice to add this film to the park, but I strongly encourage you to join Ryan for his as well when it happens as he will give trivia and great information regarding the film as you watch. I will post the date for his official Tweetwatch when he has posted it on his site.

I hope you will join me to watch the film, I am excited to watch and discuss this movie with all of you!

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