Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My new coping strategy

I don't know if this is just Delaware of if is the whole country, but teachers have this weekly team meeting called a PLC to go to.  We talk about standards and what we are teaching and curriculum and lots of other teachery things, I won't bore the non-teachers with the details. Anyway, during these meetings, at the beginning, we try to come up with a Celebration from the past week. This is something that happened, no matter how small or big, that was a good. I realized that I haven't really had much to say at these because I'm so focused on what has to be done and what is required of us and what I have to do as a first year teacher and how I am going to get the support I need for this kid and that kid......the list goes on....

So, in order to keep me from burning out in my first 3 months of teaching, I have decided to make quality time for myself, even if it is 5 minutes, and think about a Celebration each day.  Something that happened that was good that day.  I am hoping this will keep me focused on the good side of this job and help me through the rough patches.

And, for myself and my Disney friends who read this, I will do some reading related to Disney every day and have something I've learned about Disney along with my Celebration. Hey, maybe my fact can be from Celebrations Magazine!! (yea, I know, shameless plug, what can I say)

So, today's Celebration: I have 3 of my 4 IEPs in the next 2 months scheduled! And, they will all be done before I go to WDW on Dec 9! (more info on that coming soon)

My Disney fact of the day comes from the newest Celebrations actually, just worked out that way...Captain Jack Sparrow sailed on 15 ships as either the captain or the crew, and this does include the little dingy that he sailed off in at the end of "At World's End".

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