Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Wonderful World of Color

This show gets its own special post because I think it is that amazing! I had heard this show was something to see and made sure it was on my "Must Do" list for my trip to California. I was certainly not disappointed, this show blew me away with its technical aspects, the clarity of the pictures, the gorgeous soundtrack and the overall presence of the show.  It is just mind-blowing and while the videos of it on Youtube are great, nothing can compare to seeing it in person.  And I Mean Nothing!!! Tears came to my eyes on a few occasions, so be warned!

I was lucky enough to see this show from 2 angles; from a basic front row seat and from the balcony of a Grand Villa in Disney's Grand Californian.  Below are the two videos for you to enjoy! Please let me know which you enjoy more!

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