Monday, October 24, 2011

Mouse Meals: Ariel's Grotto

This week on Mouse Meals, I gave my review of Ariel's Grotto in California Adventure.  My experience was very pleasant and I highly recommend this restaurant! To hear my full review, tune into Mouse Meals on Magic 24.7 at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern) at 

Here are some pictures from my trip:

The awesome bread with the ranch, butter and pesto sauce for dipping

How cool is this design?!
Our Menu...I think our whole group tried everything on this menu!

The Epic Dessert Plate!!

LOVED this White Chocolate Film Strip

My World of Color Fastpass

World of Color was going on during our Dessert and while we were leaving the restaurant...soo cool looking!

Here is my video of World of Color from our fastpass viewing! You can distinctly hear the couple times we get wet...I am protective of my camera!

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