Monday, August 3, 2009

D23 Has Arrived!!!!!!!

So last Thursday, I received the packet I have been waiting for since Chris Reid announced the big surprise a few weeks ago. A thin, white box with my name on it arrived at my house with the label D23 on it! As I promised I would, here are the pictures of what I received in that box!

Upon opening the box, this envelope met my eyes...

Beat the heat??

This was the Walt Disney Archive gift I received- A replica of a fan that was handed out to visitors to Disneyland in 1955! The artwork on the fan is gorgeous!!!

The package of goodies, with the welcome letter on top!

Another welcome letter from Bob Iger. Yea, that's right, D23 member are on first name basis with Bob!

My certificate!!! The artwork is amazing!

The summer issue of Disney Twenty-Three

I think this is a window sticker for my car...too bad i don't have a car....

My membership card!

And I'll end this with a picture of me with my certificate and magazine!

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  1. Most be nice Disney won't let us join here in Singapore. I'm still waiting for the reason. Hope you enjoy D-23 pout.