Monday, August 3, 2009

Fairytale Wedding? Dress the part!

So in keeping with the romance theme as introduced by the welcoming of, I thought I would post about something that is usually needed after your fairytale romance is found and you have set the wedding day. One of the most important pieces of the wedding, especially to the bride, is her wedding dress. A bride's wedding day is the day for her to be living the life of an actual princess and the perfect dress is what helps her to look the part.

Taking this princess idea to the next level is Kristie Kelly, the exclusive wedding gown designer for Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings. She had created many gorgeous designs for both brides and bridesmaids dresses that were inspired by several of the Disney Princesses, including Sleeping Beauty, Princess Jasmine, Giselle, Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, and Snow White. The designs are said to "...capture[s] the unique spirit and beauty of each Disney Princess".

And while she does work closely with the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings group, her beautiful designs are not strictly available to those lucky couples getting married on property. You are able to buy these dresses in many stores all over the country and around the world. This is just another way for the Disney magic to be added to your special day!

To see examples of the dresses and to find stores near you that sell these gorgeous creations, visit Kelly's website at

For information on Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings, visit Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding's Official Website.

Want to add some of that Disney magic to your wedding? Whether it is just a small elegant napkin, a wedding favor or the wedding cake, visit for all of your Disney wedding needs.

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