Wednesday, August 26, 2009

World of Disney with a Big Apple Twist!

Shopping is the favorite pastime of many people, myself included. This comes into effect even more so when the shopping is Disney related! When I am down in Walt Disney World, there are some stores that I just cannot walk out of without buying something. One of these stores is the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney; there is just so much stuff in that store that even the smallest of Disney fans could find something in that store that appeals to them! And while Chris and I roamed the streets of New York City, it was to my delight (and to my wallet's despair) that we stumbled upon the World of Disney store on 5th avenue!

This store is 3 floors of Disney magic and wow was there so much to see!! Chris and I were in the store for 20 minutes and did not get more than 10 feet away from the door! There is so much to see- from specialty pins to the trademark "I *heart* NY" shirts with a Disney twist! They sell the snacks that you can find all over the property, including Mickey shaped pretzels and delicious shortbread cookies!

Walking up to the second floor, you are greeted by Disney music and movies; lots of different selections from both movies and actual park merchandise. This floor also had different stuffed animals, toys, games, and the ever-popular Mr. Potato Head area, which included some unique New York (say that 5 times fast) accessories- the Statue of Liberty Torch and crown for instance.

Moving up to the 3rd floor brought Chris and I to what would become our favorite section of the store. This floor was filled with pieces of artwork and statues of all kinds! It was like a mini Art of Disney store! There were posters, paintings, statues large and small and even some music boxes that had beautiful scenes from classic Disney films.

We definitely spent a good chunk of time in this store and, if you are a Disney fan and plan on checking this store out, make sure you plan a good amount of time for it because there is really a lot to see here! For your Disney fix away from the world, World of Disney NYC is the place to be!


  1. unique New York
    unique New York
    unique New York
    unique New York
    unique Yew Nork

    AWWW! I almost had it!

  2. I love the disney store in NYC, living only 20min away from it, it's a great place for me to be in the Disney magic when I am not at the parks. Great post!