Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lion King on Broadway- A Must See!

I am a huge Disney fan-obviously- so when I walked into the Minskoff Theater to see The Lion King on broadway on August 19th, I knew I would be enjoying the show. I just didn't know how amazing it would be!!!!

The theater itself is fantastic, as is the view of Times Square from the lobby! After looking around a little, Chris and I sat down in our seats, which were really good and settled down to watch the show.

Some of my favorite parts would be at the beginning where some of the 'animals' walked up the sides of the theater onto the stage- including a huge elephant!, the stampede scene that had amazing set design and technical aspects, and when Mufasa appears to Simba in the stars!

The technical parts of this show alone are a must see, they have done some amazing things with the theater to really create a unique experience! All of the actors were amazing and the costumes were so intricate! I have never seen anything so cool!! If you are looking for a show to see in NYC, or in its other locations around the world, I would definitely give this show a look! Make sure to purchase your tickets in advance though, the shows seem to be mostly sold out and you will most likely not find this show on the discount tickets boards.

For information about the show and to purchase tickets see the Official Lion King on Broadway Website.

I will leave you for now with the view from the Lion King lobby looking out on Times Square.

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  1. As many of Musicals lovers I LOVE the Lion King! It is my favourite ever... Last year I’ve been in NY & I tried to get my ticket …guess what everything was sold out that show how great the show is. Anyhow I end up getting it from a site through Next week I’m going to visit my sister and I just got some pretty good tix from the same place

    So I'll be analyzing as well as enjoying the show.