Monday, October 5, 2009

The Disney Fun Just Keeps on Comin'!

First, I got to do this great Disney radio show called Imagine the Magic on my University radio station, every Monday at 4pm EST. Then, I got the position as the Social Media Admin for Celebrations Magazine! And now, as if my luck could not get any better, some more pixie dust heads my way in the form of the Sorcom Review on Sorcerer Radio.

One of the live DJ's on Sorcerer Radio, Chris Reid, was doing two shows on SR, the Tiki Room Morning Show and the Sorcom Review. Unfortunately, his schedule became very busy and he was no longer able to broadcast both shows during their regular times. So in the last week, major changes have come to the Sorcerer Radio Schedule, including the change of the TRMS from being 5 days a week to being just 1 day a week for 2 hours, every Friday. What is taking the place of the TRMS Monday through Thursday? Why the other live shows on of course! DW_60 with Jeff Davis is now every Thursday at 8 am EST and his new show, SRN Top 10, which lists off the top 10 songs for the week on Sorcerer Radio, airs every Monday at 8am EST. Backstage with Krystal is Wednesdays at 8am EST. This leaves the Sorcom Review. Chris could no longer broadcast this show, so who could they get to replace him? Why who else but the girl who filled in on the TRMS the one day that Chris was sick a few weeks ago....what was her name again??...

Yep, that's right! I am the new host of the Sorcom Review, bringing you the news from the Sorcerer Radio message boards and playing your favorite Disney music at 8am EST every Tuesday. I will talk about videos, trip reports, community birthdays and big stories that are happening on the Sorcerer Forums as well as let everyone know how they can get involved it the community.

I am so grateful to Sorcerer, the owner and head honcho of Sorcerer Radio, for letting me become a part of his great community and family of DJ's!!

So make sure to tune in every Tuesday at 8am EST and for the replay at 7pm EST for the Sorcom Review! Send me any requests and comments to And check out all of the other great programming that is on Sorcerer Radio as well, just visit their website at From there you can enter the chatroom, the forums and get lots more great Disney information!

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  1. Great stuff! Congrats on all your magical success!