Monday, October 12, 2009

Hidden Mickeys: a Fourth Edition of Scavenger Fun!

Looking for something to keep the children entertained while going from ride to ride in Walt Disney World? Looking for some fun and a great competitive experience on your vacation? Look no further than the newest edition of Steven Barrett’s award winning book series Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World’s Best Kept Secrets, with challenging and exciting Mickey hunts!

You may see this book and think “4th Edition? Is there anything really different from the first 3?” and the answer is a big YES! I happened to have the 3rd edition already, so I did a side by side analysis of the two books. I found that the first chapter, which is all of the rules and explanations for the Hidden Mickey hunts, were completely alike! The only reason the 4th edition has two more pages in this chapter is because the “Contributors” to the book have two more pages of names than the 3rd edition. It is no wonder there are so many more contributors because there are so many more Mickeys!

That means that the rest of the book, including the extra 31 pages, are all brand new Hidden Mickeys!! And BOY are there a lot of new Mickeys! I found several examples during my analysis in the first hunt through Magic Kingdom. Near the beginning of the hunt, you are told to go to Adventureland to ride Pirates of the Caribbean and in the 3rd edition, find 3 hidden Mickeys. In the 4th edition, you are told to look for an incredible 14 Mickeys on Pirates! That is 11 new Hidden Mickeys, just on one ride!

I have always found the layout of these books to be very fun and entertaining as well! The way that the hunts are set up (taking you around the park and on many major rides, telling you when to watch the parade and when you should eat and suggestions where to eat) really allow you to see a lot, find a bunch of Hidden Mickeys and have a great time! The thoroughness of the layout as well simply amazes me! How all of these Hidden Mickeys were found I will never know, but it is something amazing! I also like that the hunts are organized for each park, and then separate hunts for the resorts and for the non-park places, such as Downtown Disney and the water parks.

As a huge Disney Parks fan, I give this Hidden Mickeys book two thumbs way up! Get it to keep your children entertained. Heck, get it to keep YOU entertained! I know that’s why I have it! Next time I am down in the parks, you can bet you will find me with this book wide open, rushing off to the next ride!

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  1. a cool thing that happened on my trip to EPCOT was finding a hidden mickey in the gardens of the Japanese pavilion.

    I think my Mom might have thought I was crazy per my reaction to finding it :D

    email me if you want to see a pic of it :)